Creating a podcast may not seem like a good deal, because there is a lot of discussion about the saturation of the market in relation to this type of content. It turns out that podcasts are on the rise, and many people are looking for quality audio content, since during a busy day or as a relaxing pastime, listening to something cool and of interest has become extremely attractive.

It was exactly the ease of listening to a podcast that made this content model so popular, because it allows the listener to listen to your content anywhere and at any time. Furthermore, you can choose the episodes you will listen to, skip parts within the track itself, pause, among other functions. All of this still allowing the listener to be informed or entertained in the best way possible.

With that in mind, below we have selected 5 strategies for you to create a podcast, perfect for those who want to enter this market, but are still hesitant to embrace this new type of content!

But first of all, what is a podcast?

Before knowing the strategic reasons behind creating a podcast, you need to understand what a podcast is. Since this model emerged, it has been compared a lot to radio and such comparisons, in many ways, are not fair, since podcasts innovate the way we listen to programs and even news.

A podcast is audio content that can be listened to at any time, and it is also possible to pause the content and resume it later. To better understand its functions, think of a video, where you can play and pause whenever you want, you can leave and return to the content at other times, you can skip some parts, among other possibilities. The podcast allows listeners to experience audio content in a unique way, something that radio does not provide us, as it is immediate.

As previously mentioned, podcasts became popular due to the ease of production, their high communication power and the ease for the listener to access and consume this type of content, as all they need to do is open an app and press play. This type of content is stored on streaming platforms, websites or other types of servers that allow the storage and reproduction of audio. Currently, there are podcasts available even on YouTube and some with live broadcast.

In short, the podcast is audio content that allows listeners to have a new experience with this model. It has functions similar to videos (in terms of consumption), but it also has characteristics typical of radio, such as dynamic, entertaining programs that offer quality to listeners. In fact, this is the point that brings radio closer to podcasts, the model created for entertainment programs. In relation to the type of content and the topics covered, radio is immediate, while podcasts can address colder topics, without seeming strange or disconnected from the public’s interests.

5 strategic reasons for you to create a podcast

Now that you know what a podcast is, it’s time to learn about the strategic reasons behind creating a podcast. Remember, however, that the production of any type of content is different for everyone, because there are several factors that influence this point. Therefore, the reasons presented below may not reflect everyone’s experience with this model.

Furthermore, keep in mind that in addition to the reasons mentioned, there are always personal motivations, which must be taken into consideration. For example, you don’t like audio content and don’t dream of investing in videos. Why would you, a person who loves videos, create a podcast? Remember that first and foremost, your vocations and desires matter.

That said, below, check out 5 strategic reasons to create a podcast!

1. Low costs

One of the main strategic reasons for creating a podcast is the cost of production. Compared to other types of content, such as videos, producing a podcast is much cheaper. This is because it is possible to produce a podcast with just your cell phone, using your microphone and a free audio editor. Furthermore, the quality of these productions is not bad, since current cell phones are of extremely high quality.

But it is also possible to invest more money in producing a podcast, good equipment such as a microphone and headphones are great, in addition to purchasing quality audio editors. These editors allow you to clean noise from your audio, perform more precise cuts, add music, among other features.

2. Personalizes the relationship with the public

This is one of the most strategic reasons to create a podcast with brands in mind, because what any company seeks is a good relationship with the public and the podcast can enable this. Quality audio marketing can attract new customers, in addition to helping the brand become a reference on a certain subject.

This is a marketing strategy that has not been explored as much in the market, which means that competition is low.

3. Variable formats

Another reason to create a podcast is that this type of content allows for different formats, meaning it adapts very well to your ideas and needs. It is possible to conduct interviews, debates, create documentaries, informal conversations, among other models. This ensures that you attract any type of audience and in the format you like most, something perfect for you to do a good job.

It is necessary, however, to pay attention to the needs that each of the formats has, because to produce an interview I need certain materials and a certain script, while a documentary will be done in a different way.

4. New financial possibilities

Podcasts are among the most popular content today, because they are easy to produce and consume. Therefore, there are several ways to make money when creating a podcast, whether through sponsors, advertising, selling products, among many others.

Therefore, when creating a podcast, a company or content creator is guaranteeing another way to make money, or even several ways, since you can have sponsors, run advertisements and sell on a podcast.

5. Loyal audience

A podcast has the ability to bring the audience closer to content creators, because these people are communicating directly with the listener, in their ears and in their streams. Furthermore, the way you communicate attracts the public and creates trust between them. Therefore, by creating a podcast you are guaranteeing a loyal audience, that is, listeners who will follow you until the end, who will share your content, support your work, among others.

Always focus on direct communication, talk to people and show that you are there with them. You need to create a good bond so that they become a loyal audience. Now that you know the main strategic reasons for creating a podcast, it’s time to start your own program and take advantage of all the benefits that podcasts can provide you


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