In recent times, video production has become popular on the internet, because this type of content has become popular with the public due to its ease of consumption, the quality of the materials, among other reasons. This is a perfect tool for engaging the public in your business, conveying your company’s ideals and captivating those who have some type of interest in your brand.

It turns out that video production is not that simple. This is because good production involves several organizational steps, requires preparation, as well as good equipment and good research on the subject. Without this, your video production could turn into chaos, and instead of presenting your ideas in a clear and concise way, attracting the audience to you, this content will drive people away from your brand.

Next, we will present to you the main mistakes in video production that someone can make, so that you never slip up again when creating the best content for the internet!

What is video production?

Before knowing the main mistakes made during video production, one question that may remain is: what is video production? For some, this question may seem silly, but for those just starting out in the market, it’s worth knowing.

Video production is nothing more than the creation of video content, but when we think about production, we are referring to the entire process that involves creating this type of content. In other words, from choosing the topic, the research we carried out regarding the agenda we set out, the construction of a script to the publication of this content on a website or on social networks.

This is a long process and each of its stages must be respected, as a mistake made in any part can harm everything else. For example, an error in the script leads to an error when recording the content and an error when editing the video. This error can be extremely harmful for those who are consuming and even for you, as the information you transmit becomes discredited by the public.

Good video production involves the following parts: choosing a theme and then choosing an agenda. In other words, after choosing a theme for your video, for example, you choose to talk about a certain food that is good for your health, you will then think about a section for it, such as the 10 benefits of this food for your everyday life.

Then, after choosing your topic, you need to research the subject, selecting only reliable sources. After the research, we wrote a script that will guide us during the recording of the content and during the editing of this content. With everything prepared, it’s time to record and then edit your material. Last but not least, we need to publish this material on a website, blog or even social media.

 5 most common mistakes during video production

Now that you understand what content production is, what are the main steps involved in this process, it’s time to check the main mistakes involving production. Such errors are very common in the daily lives of those who are producing, but as we said previously, these errors can harm the quality of your videos and even discredit your brand. This is because such errors send the following message to the public: I’m making these videos anyway and I don’t care about the quality of what they watch.

Furthermore, it is essential to pay attention to the veracity of the information that will be transmitted, because the public will trust what is being said by you, after all, your video will be the source of information that they will seek. This false information can hinder your audience’s learning, which could lead to numerous problems.

That said, check out the main mistakes when it comes to video production!

1. Poor quality research

We said previously that good research on the topic that will be covered is essential for video production. This is because this is the information that you will transmit to the public and any incorrect data or false news can be fatal for those who produced it and those who are watching. Furthermore, good research guarantees that you will have good content, complete with all the information your audience needs.

Therefore, do good research and collect data and information from reliable sources, such as newspapers, magazines, expert blogs, other videos, among others. The more information you have, the better your script will be constructed.

2. An ineffective script

Next, the most critical mistake for video production is an ineffective script. It may be flawed due to your research, as with little information or incorrect information, its construction will be harmed, or due to the poor development of one of the parts of your script. For example, not specifying your lines or cutting moments can confuse those who are recording and who will edit the video.

Therefore, it is recommended that the production of the script be done slowly, following it step by step, so that nothing is left out. Furthermore, you need to review what was written, from the information to the order you will follow in your video and editing.

3. Poor audio quality

It may seem absurd, but before a good image you need to have good audio. This is because a lower quality image can be treated in editing or may not even be a major hindrance for the public, but bad audio is impossible. Remember that the information transmitted is more important than you, so your speech must be clear to everyone.

Be careful with low-quality microphones, noisy environments, sound interference, among other factors that can harm your audio. But be careful! This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to the quality of your video, you need a good camera for video production.

4. Saving too much

Video production is not cheap, but it is also not the most expensive type of production in the world. It is necessary to have a balance, especially in the beginning, when there is not yet a financial return. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in good equipment, which will guarantee good video production. Quality microphones, lights and cameras can help deliver quality content.

Therefore, avoid saving on this type of equipment and save on other points, such as very expensive video editors or extravagant sets. Both can be done on a smaller budget, but they are still very good.

5. Not optimizing content digitally

Last but not least, a mistake many make during video production is not optimizing it for the internet. You need an attractive title, quality tags, a description of the content, among other essential points for good online performance. Additionally, establish a strategy for distributing your videos, as this will help with their optimization.


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