Currently, if you work on the internet you have certainly heard of the term authority . In recent times, having authority on the internet, whether on your website, blog, social media or other digital media, has become essential. This is because a person who has authority has control over a certain subject and, consequently, stands out in that area.

It turns out that even though the term has been used by many network users, few actually know what digital authority is, how it works and what its true importance is for digital business. This is because many people do not understand how search algorithms work, how this digital prominence occurs, among other processes that involve this area.

With that in mind, below, we explain what authority is, how it works, how important it is on the internet and, most importantly, tips on how to increase domain authority online!

What is authority?

Before knowing how to increase domain authority , you need to understand what authority is. The term can be applied to several areas, including digital media, but its meaning remains unchanged, regardless of its application. What will change is the way this authority is achieved.

Well, the meaning of authority is the right that determines the power to order; power exercised to make (someone) obey. In other words, authority is a relationship of power between individuals, with one being the holder of power and the others orbiting around that power. Or it is possible to describe it as a hierarchy, with one person holding power and the others not. Regardless of how you see it, the idea remains the same, one part stands out and the others don’t.

In some areas, authority can still be said to be legitimate or not and can be divided into categories. Each category represents a certain type of authority, in total it is possible to list 18 categories of authority, but only three stand out. They are: traditional authority, charismatic authority and rational-legal authority. These three types are used in fields such as law and administration.

When we think about digital authority, the idea becomes less complex. It’s still about power and prominence, but there are no categories or divisions. Digital authority is the respect, credibility, power of persuasion and dominance that a figure has on the internet. When a website, public figure, company, among others, has digital authority, we say that it is a reference in its area in the online environment, that is, it is the best at what it does.

Therefore, we can say that authority is the level of credibility and power that a figure has on the internet. The greater your authority, the more the figure stands out in the digital environment and the more people know and consume your work.

Why is it important to have good authority?

Why is it important to have good authority on the internet? This may be the question that is going through your mind right now, especially if you are unfamiliar with how Google and the social media algorithm deliver websites, blogs and content.

For you to understand the importance of a good authority, you need to know that currently the internet is an extremely competitive place. This is because all types of niches have been explored in the digital environment for some time and, with each passing day, the competition becomes fiercer.

How does authority work?

Authority is created based on the credibility of a brand in its niche, that is, the trust that the public has for the brand. This credibility is built by strengthening a visual identity, creating quality content that meets the needs of the public, promoting its products and services, among other actions.

Once a brand reaches this level of trust and credibility with its audience, authority will work in the following way: its content will be prioritized by the algorithms, since the public searches for and interacts with it more than with others; you will be ahead in research on your niche; will be cited as a reference in the area in which it operates, something that also strengthens its authority; between others.

In other words, authority works like a neon sign for your brand, it will ensure that you stand out among so many competitors. This is because the internet is an extremely competitive medium, and explored by many.

4 tips to strengthen your authority

Check out 4 tips below to strengthen your brand’s digital authority and, therefore, ensure it stands out on social networks and on the web.

1. Focus on a target audience

The first tip to strengthen your brand’s authority on the internet is to choose and focus on a target audience. In other words, focus on those who will consume your brand and products, who will be your buyers. Imagine, you sell car insurance, but your content and advertisements are reaching people who don’t own a vehicle and who, consequently, won’t buy what you offer. As a result, these people do not access your content, do not consume it, do not share it and do not interact in any way with your brand.

Without this interaction, without these accesses, a website cannot achieve a good domain and, consequently, cannot achieve good authority. This is because those who should be reading such content are not.

2. Bet on social media

An authority is built from several actions on the internet and one of them is online presence. So, occupying social networks and gaining your audience through them is an effective way to guarantee this presence. Therefore, it is recommended that a brand be present on all types of social networks, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, among many others. To manage them effectively, you need to understand that they have different functionalities for your brand.

For those who believe that being present on all social networks is a huge exaggeration, we have a solution! Be on the networks that your audience consumes most, for example, you know that those who buy your products are present on Instagram and Facebook, so focus on these two networks.

3. Content Marketing

Investing in Content Marketing guarantees that your brand will produce the most strategic and interesting content for your niche, making it easier to rank in search engines and be noticed by social media algorithms. Furthermore, through content marketing it is guaranteed that publications will be made on the best days and times and in a strategic way, for example, in the right quantities and in the appropriate format.

4. Invest in SEO techniques

In addition to Content Marketing, something that is essential for selecting the best content for your audience, SEO techniques are also essential for those who want to have authority on the internet. These techniques can be applied to websites, blogs, social networks and even advertisements, all so that you stand out with the Google algorithm and other search engines.

These techniques involve the production of strategic content, which uses keywords in the text and title, original images, original content, among other configurations that make your material rank better in search engines.


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