Currently, to be successful in the business world, customer management is essential. But that’s not all, it is necessary to carry out such management on social networks , which has become, in recent years, the best way of communicating with the public. This is because, on networks, people find it easier to find, get to know, contact and create ties with companies. Therefore, attention to this medium is necessary.

However, anyone who believes that customer management and social media management is simple is mistaken. Or rather, those who believe that just using social media are mistaken. Well, this management goes beyond talking to customers or knowing how to use Facebook and Instagram. It takes strategy, quality of service, efficient content and much more. Even though it’s not simple, this type of action is easier than we make it seem, you just need to follow the best tips.

That said, we’ve listed 5 tips for starting customer management on social media, what makes a company’s customer management efficient, how important it is and much more.

What is customer management?

When we talk about customer management, we immediately think about organizing them into tables or the best way to manage your sales in relation to them. This idea is not wrong, but customer management goes beyond that.

Customer management is a set of strategies, in addition to good organizational practices, which aims to synchronize, automate and manage your company’s relationship with your business’ consumers. Customer management involves the Marketing, Sales and Service sectors of a company, which must work together.

Therefore, it is possible to say that customer management, whether through social networks or other means, is fundamental for a company. This is because he will be the one to establish a good relationship and communication with those interested in your product or service.

And what is social media management?

Now that you understand what customer management is, you need to understand what social media management is, because one will complement and help the other’s work.

Social media management is a set of strategies and practices that must be adopted to ensure your dominance on the internet. This task is carried out by your company’s Marketing team, which will ensure that the appropriate content is published at the best times and in the best way.

The aim is to reach customers and potential customers, creating a bond with them. Good social media management guarantees good customer management, as the internet becomes a means of communication between the company and the public. Therefore, integrating the two actions is essential.

It is important to remember, however, that social media management goes beyond vanity metrics. In other words, the number of likes, comments and likes, as these metrics do not demonstrate the real quality and effectiveness of your content in relation to your customers. Such numbers do not determine sales, it is effective strategies that do that. This does not mean, however, that such metrics do not matter, but rather that they are not the only ones to be considered.

How important is customer management?

Good customer management keeps your customers satisfied, happy and always close to the company. The objective is to manage sales and public relations in your business, ensuring service to all those who need it. Furthermore, it is possible to keep them close, using efficient marketing strategies, such as advertising on social networks, sending personalized emails, sending SMS, among others. You need to show the customer that you are there, that they can count on your products and services, in addition to showing that, in some way, they are special.

Therefore, it is possible to say what makes customer management efficient are the strategies adopted. Because, the closer the customer feels to the company, the easier it will be to manage their activities. This is because the company will be one step ahead of you, ready to sell, answer questions and present new content.

Using good strategies, it is possible to organize all your customers, prioritizing those who buy more, bringing closer those who consume less and making new customers, something fundamental for any company.

Furthermore, it is necessary to ensure that the Sales, Marketing and Service sectors of your business are committed to this issue. It is essential to adopt strategies that allow everyone to collaborate equally. In other words, without overloading your employees or leaving them idle.

5 ways to start managing customers on social media

Now that you know what customer management is and how it is related to social media, it’s time to understand how to get started. Next, we’ll show you 5 ways to start managing customers on social media in a simple and effective way.

1. Study your target audience

The first way to start customer management on social media is to study your target audience. In other words, getting to know the people who will be impacted by what will be created, your customers. You need to have a profile of them, knowing who they are, what they do, how old they are, what their interests are on the internet, which social networks they usually use, among other details.

At this stage, take into account the strategies that had already been taken to manage the client itself. In other words, what your company was already doing to manage its audience and what was producing results. Furthermore, it is possible to adapt such strategies to the online environment.

2. Implement relationship marketing

One of the most effective ways to create customer management on social media is using relationship marketing. This is because your objective is to create bonds with your target audience, leading them to consume your products and your brand. Good relationship marketing can create loyal customers, who will carry out the marketing of your business for you.

Invest in personalized emails, exclusive promotions, online service on social networks, interaction with the public through internet content, among others.

3. Create goals for your social media customer management

It all starts with goals, because we carry out activities always thinking about achieving something. And with customer management on social media it couldn’t be any different. To do this, think: what are my objectives with the strategies that will be created? This will help you determine your strategies and even measure whether they are working or being well executed.

Examples of objectives:

  • Increase your reach;
  • Create authority in the market;
  • Have open communication with the customer;
  • Educate through the dissemination of content;
  • Create recognition for your brand;
  • Increase your sales;
  • Increase traffic to your website.

4. Create an action schedule

You need to define what you will do to manage your customers on social media, that is, what content you will publish, how you will communicate with them, what actions will be taken throughout the day (type of publications, type of content, etc.), among other things. other details. Have everything planned, so that consistency is created on social media.

5. After-sales

After-sales is an efficient way to start managing customers on social media, as it is possible to communicate with them through them, ensuring that they have been well served and are satisfied with the product they received. It is possible, for example, to create content that encourages your customers to comment on what they think of your products and services, or what they have improved in service, among others. The objective is to keep this person close and show that the company is there for them, whether to sell again, to listen to doubts, complaints and compliments, among others


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