How can you keep your audience engaged and create an increasingly better experience for these users? The solution increasingly used in the market is to develop a digital community. Believe me, this tactic works. But why is setting up a digital community a strategy increasingly adopted not only by companies, but also by content creators? In addition to generating value for your audience, creating a digital community allows these people to interact with you and your company, in addition to providing important results to boost your business and the engagement of your social networks.

When we talk about developing an online community, it is essential to emphasize that it is not a simple process. According to a Gartner study, the lack of engagement and content with the public is the cause of 70% of them failing. Did you feel the pressure? But don’t worry, because we’re going to show you how to use this great way to attract customers and retain them. In this post, we made a list of all the steps to be followed to create an engaged community and which features can help you.

How to create and maintain a digital community?

Find out how to maintain the digital community with the tips we selected for you:

Define your business objective

Firstly, it is important that you define what your company’s goal is when developing the community. There are many purposes that can motivate the creation of this space, for example, providing customer support, collecting opinions and even increasing engagement around the brand.

In this strategy, it is essential to hear the opinion of all employees on your team. After all, you will gain insights that will be fundamental to building the community. However, don’t forget about transparency, so people need to know what the company expects from this community and vice versa.

Know how to identify who your target audience is

The second step is to know your persona well, that is, the audience you intend to reach. After defining this question, you will know the needs of the user you want to convert and you will be able to build your community in a more attractive way for these people.

Remember that this analysis needs to be detailed, otherwise you will not achieve good results. In this sense, it is important to check all the information you need to know. In addition to knowing the habits of this potential audience, you should pay attention to what types of content they consume.

Define community space

For your community to function, you need to define its positioning and all its rules. This will allow you to make this space enjoyable for all users and avoid saturation, banning or even churn of your community, which means that the public becomes a participant in the group but then abandons the business.

Therefore, don’t just think about the mission and purpose of your community, so be sure to define the values ​​of this group, that is, the culture that must be followed by the company and consumers to allow healthy interactions between everyone. Furthermore, it is important to have a well-defined voice, which consists of the way in which the brand will interact with the public. Therefore, the community manager will need to follow this guide religiously. Therefore, the advantages that your community will offer to the public need to be well defined.

Think about what benefits these people will have by becoming members. In this sense, they can be promotions, exclusive content, support and other reasons that will add value to the community.

Create interesting content

For your community to be increasingly successful, it is necessary to develop quality content. This way, by generating value for the public, these users will be more likely to remain in the group and may even convince new members, something very interesting for your business. Furthermore, when we talk about content formats, consider your persona’s consumption habits.

A podcast, article, ebook or even videos are examples of profitable possibilities for the proposal. The important thing is to choose those that make sense to the public. Therefore, as the objective of this content is also to create engagement in the community, a valuable tip is to produce it with interactivity in mind, that is, encouraging users not only to comment, but also to publicize these materials.

Carry out feedback

To finalize the list of important steps, don’t forget to listen to customer feedback on everything that involves the community. In this sense, you will know all the points that are satisfactory and which ones need to be developed to improve the member experience.

Furthermore, listening to the opinions of these participants is essential for studying competing communities. This way, you can add some useful insights that can help you. However, remember: for something to work in another group does not mean it will bring the same result for you, that is, your audience has its own particularities.

One tip is to read about the concept of Growth Hacking, about experiment-oriented marketing. In other words, this strategy will allow you to carry out tests and understand what works best for your community’s audience, so you can achieve even faster growth.

Therefore, it is important to understand all these steps for your business to be notable in the market, as well as understanding which are the most profitable strategies in order to generate greater engagement in your digital community. Seek greater knowledge in all matters related to the growth of your business, which can add value to the public


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