How does digital sales work? Find out now

How does digital sales work? Find out now

Digitized sales are a means of payment that helps businesses that do not yet have a physical machine to pay with cards. When using an app, plastic card information can be entered and the charge is processed. For the customer, this translates into another option to make purchases. Now the business can complete the transaction and not lose the sale.

This article deals with the subject better. By reading the text, you will understand the concept of this payment method, you will know how it works in detail, as well as knowing its main differences in relation to the payment link, another way of making sales . Finally, you will see what the advantages of this method are.

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What is digitized selling?

It is very common for a given commercial establishment to offer more than one payment method to its customers. In fact, with competition becoming increasingly fierce, it is absolutely necessary to have several alternatives, otherwise you risk losing sales. Furthermore, those who have more options have a competitive advantage in the market.

This is how digitized sales emerge, an alternative to transactions made using a credit or debit card. It follows the same principles as normal sales that use a plastic card, but it does not take place through a physical machine, in which the card is “swiped”. Instead, data is reported using an application.

Thus, payment is processed without the card physically coming into contact with any other device, either via insertion or contact. In an ideal scenario, it is even possible to make a purchase without a card, just having the data at hand. However, as a security measure, no sale should take place without presenting the original card.

How does digitized selling work?

Before explaining how the typed sale takes place, it is worth highlighting one important piece of information: it is a common sale, the only thing being processed differently. As there are no machines, the procedure must take place using a previously provided application.

This has a direct implication on the need for a smartphone or tablet to carry out the operation. This is how the application can be accessed and used.

Therefore, you must enter all the details of the card through which the payment will take place. This is done by entering information by information, and this is where the name of the payment method comes from. First, the person must enter the card number . Afterwards, the validity, security code and full name of the holder are entered, which is described on the physical card.

Obviously, this is a procedure that makes the typed sale take a little longer to happen, but there are no problems in any other aspect. This payment method is normally used when a traditional card machine is not available . This way, the seller offers the customer another way to pay and does not lose any sales.

What is the difference between a typed sale and a payment link?

Because they are virtual means of billing, the typed sale and the payment link are often confused. However, there are differences between them and it is worth knowing them. To do this, follow the main highlights below in order to differentiate between them. Check out.

Entering information

This is a big difference between the two payment methods. As already explained, typed sales require that the charged card data be passed to the establishment so that it can carry out the operation.

When the payments link is used, there is no need to provide this information. The link is sent directly to the cardholder and they are the ones who enter the data. Just click on the virtual address and enter the requested information.

Payment alternatives

A very significant topic between these two payment methods is the options offered to the user. In digital sales, there is only one possible method, which is precisely the charge made using the card in question.

The payment link, in turn, is much more versatile. When accessing the address sent through the link, the user can choose up to eight different payment methods. There is the possibility of using Pix, bank slip or the card itself, for example.

Consumer experience

Last but not least, it is necessary to consider the customer’s experience regarding both procedures. In the case of digital sales, the process may be seen as more tedious, even due to the time needed to complete the transaction.

The payment link may have an advantage in terms of practicality. Furthermore, it is the customer who is completely in charge of the operation , as payment alternatives are presented to him as soon as he clicks on the link that redirects him.

What are the advantages of digital selling?

Digital selling offers a range of advantages to its users. Firstly, we can highlight the number of brands served by this payment method. Normally, it is possible to charge (and receive) through eight different brands. This allows a very considerable range to be offered to customers .

Another important point is operational safety. To bring more reliability to the customer, the operation is registered in a receipts database. The amounts are only released after 30 days from such registration. This way, if there is a problem, it is possible to cancel, preserving the customer’s money .


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