Purchase dispute: find out how to deal with this problem

Purchase dispute: find out how to deal with this problem

To do well in the services market and guarantee the success of the business, managers must invest in the development of their activities through the implementation of technological tools , as well as in the qualification of their employees. Furthermore, when it comes to business sustainability, it is worth reinforcing the importance of closely monitoring the processes and demands of the financial sector.

This is because this department has the function of managing the inflow and outflow of resources, in addition to formulating projects for the constant growth of the business. However, there are some problems that can harm revenue and profit capture , as is the case with purchase disputes. This event is caused in several different ways. Knowing each one of them is a good way to prevent yourself by creating specific strategies.

Therefore, we have prepared this article containing the main information about what a purchase dispute is and how to deal with it. Continue reading and stay up to date!

What is a purchase dispute?

First of all, it is important to talk about what a purchase dispute is. Also known as chargeback, this event occurs when an online purchase using a credit or debit card is canceled by the customer.

Commonly, the dispute is made due to the fact that the cardholder does not recognize the purchase on their statement or because the transaction does not comply with the card administrator’s rules. Taking the first example into consideration, the person generally contacts their administrator, who will evaluate the sales process and the return request and decide whether to grant the refund to the consumer.

If the dispute is approved, the money is not passed on to the seller and, if it has already been credited, there must be a refund. Considering that credit or debit cards are one of the main forms of payment, companies must pay close attention when dealing with chargebacks.

In what situations can it occur?

Now that you have a better idea of ​​what a purchase dispute is, it’s worth talking about the main situations in which it can occur, so the business can devise strategies to best deal with each scenario and obtain good results in negotiation. with consumers. Check out!

Non-recognition of purchase

As we have already mentioned, failure to recognize the purchase is considered one of the main reasons for disputing the purchase. In practice, when having access to their invoice, the customer identifies, among the list of orders, a purchase that was not made by them. Therefore, the first measure to be taken is to contact the administrator, requesting a refund.

This situation can happen due to card data being stolen or cloning, for example. However, it is worth mentioning that, sometimes, the name of the online store appears differently on the invoice. As a result, the customer ends up not recognizing the purchase of the product, which could be one of the reasons for chargebacks to occur.

Different values

Another reason why purchase disputes occur in sales processes is the presence of an error by the online store when placing the value of the product or service on the invoice. In practice, there may be errors regarding the decimal places in the numerical value, that is, the correct value was R$20, but R$2,000 was placed on the note.

There may also be a mistake on the part of the sales professional when he calculates the incorrect value. Even though this is a possible event, it is worth highlighting that the chances of this type of problem are much lower compared to other situations mentioned in this text.

Goods were not delivered

Not receiving the goods can also be highlighted as an error that does not happen often, but is a possibility. In this regard, processes relating to product distribution logistics are normally carried out in a planned and safe manner. Each step followed by the merchandise is recorded in order to obtain greater control of the flow of services, giving the customer the opportunity to know the route of their order using the tracking code.

Even with this entire logistics management structure, it is still possible for some type of failure to occur in any of the product transport stages. As a result, there is a delay in shipping it, problems with the physical integrity of the item and the merchandise not being delivered to the consumer. In this case, the expected behavior of the customer will be to make a chargeback.

How to deal with a purchase dispute?

You already know that there are several situations in which a purchase may be disputed. There are also cases related to scams . Because of this, the business must pay close attention when managing its sales processes to avoid suffering major economic losses from chargebacks. Therefore, the first tip is to keep your finances organized, that is, you must clearly know the amounts relating to the capital input.

Furthermore, it is necessary to have tools that can monitor the profile of consumers. This is because, in many cases of scams involving chargeback, there is a recurrence of cases with the same perpetrator. This way, it is possible to predict fraud and anticipate interventions.

Another tip linked to this is to invest in protection mechanisms. In this case, currently on the market it is possible to find several devices that aim to bring greater security to the customer and the seller through complete monitoring of the negotiation and delivery of the product. This makes it easier to prove in the event of a possible consumer dispute.

Therefore, this was the main information about what it is and how to deal with a purchase dispute. It is worth highlighting the importance of trying to understand how to deal with this problem, as this helps your business to avoid suffering financial damage and avoids compromising its activities.


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