See the 7 main types of entrepreneurs and learn how to identify yours

See the 7 main types of entrepreneurs and learn how to identify yours

Do you know what types of entrepreneurs exist? Whenever we begin our journey in the world of entrepreneurship, one of the first steps to be considered is identifying our profile. After all, this helps to optimize investments and long-term planning.

By understanding your entrepreneur profile, a person can more easily assess which paths to follow and how to execute your plans. Furthermore, there is more security in defining which area to act in and which projects to prioritize. In other words: this is knowledge that maximizes your chances of success.

If you want to know what the main types of entrepreneurs are, check out the following post!

Why is it important to invest in entrepreneurial life?

Entrepreneurial life has many risks. But, when there is knowledge and planning, success is guaranteed and the person can stand out in their sector. Furthermore, it can improve several aspects of your life. Check out!

Financial freedom

Financial freedom is one of the main reasons for people to undertake. Although it is a great challenge, those who are successful will be able to become richer in greater amounts than being employed, that is, they will have a much larger budget to make their dreams come true.

More autonomy

An entrepreneurial life is also a life with greater financial autonomy. Your earnings will depend on your ability to gain new customers and retain your current customers. In other words, you won’t run the risk that many people do of being laid off due to spending cuts.

Possibility to focus on your best

An entrepreneur can maximize their differences every day to be more successful in their lives. Every detail that makes you unique can be applied to your business to maximize profits and your competitiveness.

What are the types of entrepreneurs?

As we pointed out, to be a successful entrepreneur, it is important to know the types of entrepreneurs that exist.

1. Public

This is a type of entrepreneur who focuses on improving the public sector. In general, this is a category made up of people who are public servants and who want to bring practices from the private world to the government area, such as routine management driven by data and metrics. This way, the impact that the government has on people’s daily lives can be maximized.

2. Social

The second type of entrepreneur on our list works with social impact businesses. It is a profile that has gained strength in recent years, with businesses that are focused on issues such as sustainability, education and even voluntary work. In this way, they are able to expand the impact that civil society has on the world.

3. Innovative

Innovative entrepreneurs focus on startups and areas such as technology , where the flow of news is very large. With a great attention to trends, they are able to stay ahead of the competition and seek bold solutions to various problems in society and the sector in which they operate. In other words, your profitability lies in your ability to think outside the box.

4. Cooperated

This is a type of entrepreneur who works in association with a cooperative that brings together people working in the same field. This is a very common form of enterprise in areas such as agriculture and crafts.

In some cases, the cooperative organization can even be used to improve the sector’s competitive environment. Together, cooperative entrepreneurs can improve legislation and make it easier to do business.

5. Franchisee

The franchise market has grown a lot in the last two decades. It opened up the possibility for people to have their own business with the support of brands already established in a sector. Furthermore, this is a path that reduces risks and facilitates access to specialized support.

Franchise entrepreneurs, in other words, can skip several steps in the process of building a successful business. But this does not free them from the need to make a hefty initial investment: in addition to infrastructure costs, they need to consider the costs of licensing a brand.

6. Pattern

This is the entrepreneur who started working on his own many times — Individual Microentrepreneur regime. He will have to deal with the challenges of his work without a partner, however, he will have all the profitability for himself.

7. Informal

Very common in the US market, the informal entrepreneur is the one who lives in the most risky situation. Because he is outside the law, he is more exposed to fines and legal problems. The ideal, in this case, is for the person to seek to regularize themselves as a MEI.

What to do to be successful in your venture?

There is no ideal entrepreneur profile or one with the greatest potential for success. What influences a person’s chances of having a great career is their ability to plan and be able to make good decisions at the right times. To do this, some steps can be taken, including:

  • knowing your target audience: knowing who the target of your actions is is crucial to achieving good results, validating projects and finding the best way to execute your plans, gaining customer loyalty ;
  • make investments in your career: investing in yourself helps you update knowledge that can be used in the medium and long term;
  • understand trends in your area: this facilitates the search for innovative ideas and new investment opportunities, which have a major impact on your results;
  • seek to form partnerships: partnerships allow entrepreneurs to exchange experiences, have greater publicity and find innovative solutions to their problems.

Before starting your adventure in the business world, it is important to know what types of entrepreneurs are. This helps you evaluate what is most compatible with your profile and, at the same time, manage your plans in a more intelligent way. Therefore, be sure to evaluate the tips in our text and create a business plan with a high chance of success!


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